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Colours of Grey Matters is a community inclusion consultancy.

For over 10 years, Colours Of Grey Matters (COG Matters) has developed and expanded to cater to the community needs for increased inclusion for people and their carers experiencing neurodiverse conditions.

Neurodiversity is a term used to emphasise the different needs of an individual experiencing a condition such as autism, attention deficit disorders, learning disorders and mental health conditions.


COG Matters is a unique combination of interests and expertise in education, business and neurodiversity. Projects to date have been developed to fill the necessary social and education inclusion gaps experienced by communities. This ethos allows COG Matters to grow in collaboration with other organisations for the benefit of the local and global community in a social, responsible manner.

Our Brief

Our inclusion expertise is:

  • Systemic program development for increased community education and inclusion

  • Training for individual, family and group consultation and support in the community

  • Business direction and implementation for small community organisations

  • Research and project management across education, disability and health

See our Matters and Services pages on our wWW for Details of our Diverse and comprehensive Work.